A self-described pastry snob, Kei Okumura is on a personal mission to reinvent the humble scone.

As Sugarbird’s Chief Scone Officer, Kei is determined to put a little flavor bomb in your mouth by creating the most buttery, moist, crunchy-around-the edges scone you’ve ever tasted. She’s raising the bar on this classic pastry while making the ritual of afternoon tea more casual and accessible for everyone. Her delicious, ready-to-bake scones allow customers to easily host their own afternoon tea experience while still enjoying made-from-scratch goodness.

As a music video producer turned scone baker, Kei has spent the last decade creating and refining Sugarbird Sweets. Her unique perspective on pastry draws from her Japanese culture and her time living in Paris, where she was classically trained as a chef. Sugarbird combines a bohemian flare with a modern take on afternoon tea. As its founder, Kei wants to be the culinary pioneer that’s bringing the ritual of scone baking and afternoon tea into households across America.

Kei is also passionate about raising the awareness of mental health and eliminating the stigma around it, in part by showing how easy it is to take a moment to reset, be present and connect with people you love over supremely delicious scones and tea.

She lives with her husband, two boys 10 + 12 years old and Mochi, her cuddly terrier mut in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. When she’s not inventing a new scone flavor, she loves to be outdoors camping by the beach, mountains and using a cast iron sandwich maker to come up with weird new sweets.